Sunday, May 17, 2009

Favorites from class- Lighting Demo

The last day of our photography class with Teral and Nina, ended with 2 hours at the Star Mill for a lighting demo. It was fantastic and a lot of fun. Here are 3 collages of my favorites. The first is of my cousin, Cass. She was sitting in front of a blue poster board. I need to get some colored boards for backgrounds. They are so fun. The next is of a cute couple, ally and Clark. She is Nina's niece. The were so fun and easy to work with. Finally, the third collage is of an old friend's daughter. She just happened to come along with her friend and sister taking pictures for her graduation announcements. So, Cass offered to take some pictures and I tagged along.


Kat said...

love love love em all! i need some serious pointers from you!!!

9a said...

Amy your photos turned out great! I love how you organized them together. It was fun to have you in the class. See you soon.