Tuesday, May 20, 2008

My First Attempt at Photoshop...

I have never played around in photoshop. I've honestly known enough to adjust levels and crop. Really not enough to say that I "know" photoshop at all. Since I am a relatively proud person, I can barely admit it. So, thank you to my dear husband, I now of a newer version of Photoshop. Okay, it's not the newest version, but it is better.
My sister, Kat, introduced me to the Pioneer Woman Photography blog and her actions for photoshop. Okay, so she introduced everyone that reads her blog. Anyway, here's what I did with these actions...

The original, straight out of camera shot

This is the "quick edge burn" action.

The "boost" action

This is the "vintage" action

And the "lovely and ethereal" action

and the last is "fresh and colorful"

So... which do you like best?

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SKye said...

I'm no critic.. But I'll give my opinion if you want..

The original is quite awesome, although lacking in contrast (which you seem to have identified quite well).
The quick-edge burn feels like I'm going to pass out and my vision is fading (looks good but the effect is lost on me).
Boost has great contrast.
Vintage would be absolutely awesome with some people added (it definitely remind me of an 'old time' photo).
Lovely/ethereal loses some of the details that Boost provides.
Fresh/colorful looks over-bright (but not that colorful).

If you boost the color or contrast, or something just slightly in the "boost" (or change the "Curves" or contrast or something for the blue channel, or maybe just mask the sky; to make the clouds and the sky 'pop' a bit--or not--but compare the sky in JUST the quick edge burn, and the boost photos--specifically the cloud in the top center--that effect is REALLY nice!), I think it would be perfect; but, again, I like the picture straight out of the camera anyway, just short of a brightness/contrast tweak.

Looks good, looks like you will be having TONS of fun with your pictures, keep it up!

Kat said...

I would do the fresh an colorful with the boost...it's kinda fun to throw a couple actions on one image and just play around. Fun huh?