Monday, May 12, 2008

What are you doing?

Scott and I have really enjoyed taking photos. We both love scenic photography and I'm trying hard to be brilliant with candid photography. One day I'd like to try some portraits, but for now, this is what we're working on. Together we have done some really beautiful work. But, together we both have so much to learn. Will I post very often, I don't know. But I do know that I'd like to go through our photos and post some of my favorites and use very few words.

Wish us luck on this new endeavor.


Kat said...

such a fun idea...I really am impressed with your shots. maybe someday I will start a photoblog too....if I ever get my lens back! I guess we'd have to go somewhere once in a while too! :) Love ya sis, GREAT job!

SKye said...

This picture (that either you or Scott took), is one of my favorite favorite favorite favorite pictures, when I saw it I thought it was a watercolor picture, and it was truly remarkable---I mentioned it to Scott, he mentioned it being out of focus, but from a small distance--it is definitely an AMAZING picture:
Sanford March 2008 131.jpg